Good Intentions Are Open To Interpretation

The posts that have not happened:
- a reflection on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 where taking a group of adult learners to an art museum eased the shock and heart ache.
- my personal story of more than two years climbing around inside the belly of The Beast Called Bank of America and emerging with a roof still over my family’s head.
- a recounting of a short discussion with My Favorite Daughter during which she asked, “So how did you manage Powerpoint presentations with a typewriter?”
- a pause about getting word that SISTER OF GRENDEL is exactly the sort of novel an editor likes…but that was the word from the assistant and not the editor, which means I am exactly where I have been for sometime: waiting.
And with what life is offering up these days, they will likely continue to be Posts That Have Not Happened. But at least now I have recorded my good intentions. Sometimes good intentions are underrated.
One met deadline, however, means I will have a poem included in the upcoming OPEN TO INTERPRETATION photography and prose/poetry collection. The poem “A Boat Called Leaving” will be set with the fifth photo in the juried images:

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