I have a number of poems in anthologies.

My novel SISTER OF GRENDEL was on submission with my agent Diana Finch for a number of years. A lot of editors at major houses loved it, but it would come down to a pass at the sales table. The double edge: the fantastical element that intrigues the reader is also the same that makes it hard for the sales team to know what to call it: fantasy? fiction? feminist fiction? historical fantasy fiction? And if they can’t categorize it with an absolute, it doesn’t move forward. Especially for an unproven author.

So is the current reality of book-book publishing.

The elevator pitch: Rehsotis, sister of Grendel, reveals what led up to her brother’s encounter Beowulf and its outcomes on her people and her life. She chronicles her search for peace and a sense of belonging in a world where she is an outsider. The last of her kind.

SISTER OF GRENDEL will be available in both ebook and on-demand print format in March 2016.

In my novel THE MISSING SEASON, small-town golden boy David Lloyd goes Missing in Action during the Vietnam War. The voices and points of view of his wife, his now-teenaged daughter, his WWII veteran father-in-law, and his arch-rival’s wife and daughter are woven together into a story of confronting loss and deciding to move forward, with a firm grip on what the past means to them all. THE MISSING SEASON is slated for publication in 2016.

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