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More than a review. About SISTER OF GRENDEL as epic story-poetic novel

“This work of literature—epic story / poetic novel–deserves a place on the shelves of serious readers of literature, and Susan Thurston, an award-winning Minnesota poet, deserves more critical attention and acclaim.” — Tracy Lee Karner A cultural critique about epics … Continue reading

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Spring equinox and other returns

A mango-fleshed sun harrowed the horizon yesterday evening at certain, centered west. The dog and I stood awe-fixed-silent as spring circled close, without regard of recent flares of divisive politics, flaming ignorance, or the gob-smacking greed of those who believe … Continue reading

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Make new work, but keep the old. One is silver, the other…needs to be mined

A hoarding habit is to be avoided in almost all other areas of life, but not with our writing. Shelve the broken-spine journals. Tuck away the idea-scrawled cards. File the half-paged drafts. Revisit. Then, when you read about the contest … Continue reading

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FaceTime Book Club: Seven Ways to Ensure It’s Almost Like Being There

I love book clubs: A small group of curious readers come together to parse a selected volume. The discussion is often enhanced by some savories, sweets, and libations. The community of the page is hard to beat. As an author, … Continue reading

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Create winning copy with 4 principles of fiction writing

I’m a writer who earns her living working with organizations that depend upon clear communication leading to a desired behavior. In my role as a copywriter, I wrote an essay for LinkedIn and share it here: As copywriters, we strive … Continue reading

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Oh, Sister

Last Saturday, I was honored to be a part of the St. David’s Society of Minnesota’s Prynhawn Llawen – a lyrical celebration. After sharing a few portions of SISTER OF GRENDEL and talking a bit about the novel, I savored the rest … Continue reading

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Reviewing Books

The more you write, the more you read, the more you read, the more you…review? As a book reviewer, I put myself in the role of perpetual literature student. When I enter the world of the book I’m to review, … Continue reading

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In the Meanwhile. Meanworld?

And the now becomes a meanwhile. Take every layer of definition of that word, and apply it. Life is all meanwhile. And so are books. Meanwhile insinuates between each section and line and word–in the writing and the reading–of them. … Continue reading

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Push “Send”

I wait for the clock to read 10:10. Just for the balance. And I am too tired to stay up until 11:11 (my favorite time offers the same front-to-back and back-to-front). A candle flickers–the one purchased at the Bette Midler … Continue reading

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Ritual for the Muse

Ritual marks moments that need to be honored and noted. The culture of this country does not support or encourage as much ritual as I crave, so it must be created. When my daughter returns for a visit, I place … Continue reading

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