In the Meanwhile. Meanworld?

And the now becomes a meanwhile. Take every layer of definition of that word, and apply it. Life is all meanwhile. And so are books. Meanwhile insinuates between each section and line and word–in the writing and the reading–of them.

In this meanwhile, as my novel SISTER OF GRENDEL moves through the content-review stage, and while the queue of future work shifts and reorders, I will create a listing:

Books of Meanwhiles and Other Worlds.

My list is pretty much complete. And I’m noodling with the notion that the 26 installments will lead right up to the launch for SISTER OF GRENDEL– definitely a novel of a meanwhile and other world.

The list will be restricted to one book for each letter, alphabetized by author’s last name. Right now there are a few gaps. So, I need your help. Please send along a recommendation that might fit. Good stuff.

The kind of novel you didn’t want to put down and missed when you did.
The kind of novel that saved your life.
The one that surprised you.

It just needs to have happened in a meanwhile. Or a much different world. And because of that much different while and world, you learned something immediate and important about your current world. Should we call that a meanworld?

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  1. I’m so excited for you. Can hardly wait for my turn to read SoG again.

    Do you have a W? Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter?

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