Push “Send”

I wait for the clock to read 10:10. Just for the balance. And I am too tired to stay up until 11:11 (my favorite time offers the same front-to-back and back-to-front). A candle flickers–the one purchased at the Bette Midler concert with my daughter. I need bold. I need bodacious. Even in a candle. A polished stone from a friend gleams–a Chinese writing stone. The starry markings are heads tilted back in cheers. My heart races. On the eve of a blue moon, I push “send.” And off goes the submission document, the manuscript, the free excerpt, and the images.

My novel SISTER OF GRENDEL rests in the hands of others, and in several weeks, I hope it will be in the hands of…countless others. And in reading it, they will tilt their heads back in cheers.

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