Spring equinox and other returns

A mango-fleshed sun harrowed the horizon yesterday evening at certain, centered west. The dog and I stood awe-fixed-silent as spring circled close, without regard of recent flares of divisive politics, flaming ignorance, or the gob-smacking greed of those who believe themselves entitled. I tucked my late mother’s navy trench coat a bit tighter, glad to be wearing it well into another decade, tugged gently on the dog’s leash, and with each step back to the house, mentally spiraled through past springs. Last year’s especially, when actor Cynthia Uhrich, musician Andrea Een, and narrator Tim Clausen unfolded my debut novel SISTER OF GRENDEL at Illusion Theater. I wanted a launch event that wasn’t about my reading aloud from my work; I wanted it to be about this other world, this other season, created anew through the voice, the interpretation of others. It worked beyond all expectations.

On that day, I was surrounded by a sizable crowd, made golden by my favorite people: daughter Madeleine and son Samuel. Cake, wine, flowers, and conversations gilded the spring lily of an event.

At the center of it all, the story. Yes, the story. This video of the performance piece underscores the root of the universal story: a shared longing and search for community, for the return to the garden, for the promise of spring.

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