Three Gifts Reflection

For the holidays, my favorite daughter gave me a new wallet (“the biggest they had”) with a compartment inscribed “passport.” Today I put mine in there, along with a fresh new bill larger than I ever typically carry, and a gifted new lipstick (“angel red” from a chosen sister). My favorite son gave me a new Shun vegetable knife, and it makes even the slicing of onions something akin to worship. I just opened this year’s Moleskine journal, and embellished its black and certain cover with a photograph of nearby Minnehaha Falls, conjuring meaning and beauty for its pages, upon which I have already written. I’ve also affixed to it a pen loop, and through the loop secured my late mother’s favorite Parker pen, ready with a cartridge of fresh ink. These three things make me feel profoundly privileged. Blessed. A little wistful. And absolutely ready for anything. This year: I am ready to journey even farther. I am tested and proven in ways to care and provide for myself and loved ones. My writing and art shall flow as never before.

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