To Begin a Journey

At dawn…I will be in a jet with my children, rising and lifting and heading to Chicago. And from there, another heavy transcendence in steel-riveted cocoon of metal with wings, pushing east, into time reversed, to arrive in London, just in time for a warm cup of something before falling into bed…on the same date. We will try to trick time. We will meet ancestor ghosts and insistent dreams and spill ourselves out with laughter, and the keen awareness of what the journey brings: we are making memories.

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  1. Judy Borger says:

    I sent this to you yesterday but my have had the wrong email address. See below:

    Soooo glad I ran into you today. I forgot to buy your books. Let’s get together soon. I could do Monday except between 12:30 and 2 p.m. Wednesday before noon, no time Thursday, Friday after 10 pm.

    You choose time and place.

    Judy 612 385-6049

    • susanthurstonwrites says:

      Am here at last to post. So glad to see you here. Can do Fridays in the evening. And other days after 6 p.m. Weekends in the a.m. How about the coffee shop at Open Book? Offer up some times and dates. Looking forward to it.

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