Transitions. New Roles. Declaring Myself a Novelist.

Bread is baked. Good Luck Soup is assembled. My son and his friend are down in his “man cave,” alternating guitar and bass jamming with video games. Their voices rotate in unreliable pitches from deep to shrill just below my feet as I sit writing at my dining room table. My daughter is ready to go ice skating, despite the brutal cold, because she wants to be with her friends. She is more restless than content these days. She awaits word of acceptance from the hoped-for college. I am caught and shaken when I realize that next year at this time, she will be on winter break, that she will be a quarter ways across that bridge away from this home toward her next. Both of my most beloved people are moving deeper into a zone of the most profound and amazing transitions. My babies are becoming adults and trying on new roles.

And so, I bake bread. Assemble soup. Write. Another of my beloveds is also undergoing a final transition, and over this one I have the most control. My novel SISTER OF GRENDEL will be ready for a ebook launch in the next few months, along with the accompanying paper-book format. As the light returns and I make my way toward Epiphany, one word at a time, her story brings with it an unexpected gift of transition to me as well. Although I have been a published writer for decades, in 2014 I will at long last feel ready and equipped to take up another role. For me, 2014 will be the year I shall declare myself as novelist.

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