Sister of Grendel

In the ancient epic, Grendel and his mother are monsters slain by the hero warrior Beowulf. In Sister of Grendel we learn a different truth, told by the lone witness to their brutal deaths. In this powerful and poignant reimagining, Grendel has a sister, Rehsotis. She and her brother are not monsters, but Anathians, who possess refined language and intelligence, great physical strength, and longevity. They live close to the natural and spiritual world, are skilled in herbal medicine, music, and magic, and can enter the dreams of sleeping humans. Rehsotis and Grendel are among the last of their race. Ultimately, Rehsotis must bridge the dangerous divide with humankind-the Smallheaded-with the help of her few allies, including a forsaken monk, a grieving lover, and a trusting child.


Cooking Up the Good Life

Veteran Minneapolis chef Jenny Breen knows that cooking at home can be a joyful, rewarding, and healthy experience for the whole family. In Cooking Up the Good Life, Breen—along with writer Susan Thurston—presents a scrumptious journey through the seasonal ingredients of the upper Midwest with an enticing variety of her most-loved recipes for the family table.

Poetry: Numerous journals and publications including IthacaLit, Low Down and Coming On (anthology), At Water's Edge, and more.

Awards include the 2017 San Miguel Writers' Conference Contest winning poem "Rapunzel Takes a Stand."

Poems are also found in these books:


Tremors Vibrations Enough to Rearrange the World

Wild Bone Season (chapbook)